My Swiss Concierge SARL, headquartered at Route de Nyon 7, 1262 Eysins, and registered in the Swiss Commercial Register as CHE-476.290.950, operates under the trade name My Swiss Concierge, and sells third-party services to customers.

The company offers a free subscription to customers that gives them access to a range of services. After obtaining the subscription, the customer automatically becomes a member.

My Swiss Concierge SARL provides many services, and contacts partners to provide any services which it is unable to offer directly. My Swiss Concierge acts as an intermediary between customers and service providers.


1. The following terms and conditions govern the relationship between our company and our customers in Switzerland. Other documents issued by our company, particularly flyers and advertisements, are for guidance and information only.

1.2 The general terms and conditions of sale are accessible on the website, and are provided to all subscribers. Accordingly, all customer requests for services indicate their acceptance, without restrictions or reservations, of these General Terms and Conditions, which prevail over all other documents (flyers and advertisements) issued by My Swiss Concierge.


All customers must subscribe through the website in order to place orders for services from My Swiss Concierge.

2.1 The subscriber must provide details of their identity and address when registering for the subscription. They will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of finalising the subscription process.

2.2 This subscription lasts for a minimum of one year, and gives clients access to the services of My Swiss Concierge, Monday to Friday, from 8:30am to 6:30pm.

2.3 Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by email or letter.


3.1 Customers can place orders for services by email, phone, or text message.

3.2 Before placing an order for services, the subscriber must provide their personal or business address, email and telephone number so that My Swiss Concierge can contact them quickly.

3.3 Service orders requested by the subscriber, by telephone or by e-mail are transmitted to My Swiss Concierge teams who will carry out their executions.

3.4 The My Swiss Concierge company reserves the right to refuse all orders that it considers unethical, illegal or that would cause harm.

3.5 Subscribers will receive confirmation of their orders by email or phone as quickly as possible. This confirmation includes:

  • Subscriber’s number
  • Order number.
  • Number of products or services ordered.
  • Unit price of the product or service, excluding tax and with taxes included.
  • Delivery time of the product or service.
  • Cancellation conditions.

3.6 For all orders with a value of 500 CHF or above, the subscriber must confirm their acceptance in writing to My Swiss Concierge (email, fax or letter) within 48 hours. These orders are only considered final once My Swiss Concierge has received the subscriber’s written agreement.

3.7 The subscriber can follow the step-by-step progress of their order to My Swiss Concierge by telephone or email.

3.8 The order is non-transferable, and cannot be transferred to third parties, except when a gift and by prior agreement with My Swiss Concierge.

3.9 Orders may not be cancelled in whole or in part without the written agreement of My Swiss Concierge.The subscriber can cancel his service order according to his own general conditions of sale. After this period, My Swiss Concierge agrees to charge the price of the service in its entirety.


4.1 Products and services are invoiced on the basis of precisely detailed prices, in Swiss francs and including all taxes after the confirmation of the order by My Swiss Concierge.

4.2 The subscriber must pay invoices within 15 days of receipt by bank transfer (with a credit card) or cash.

4.3 Any outstanding sums not paid by the due date will be automatically and without prior notice subject to a late payment fee of 1.5% per week.


5.1 My Swiss Concierge SARL undertakes to use every means at its disposal to ensure the best possible service, from the moment the order is placed until its implementation.

5.2 My Swiss Concierge undertakes to provide all necessary care and diligence in order to offer a quality service, in compliance with the practices of the profession.

5.3 My Swiss Concierge SARL accepts no liability, except for malicious damage or serious conduct in accordance with art. 100 of the Swiss Code of Obligations.

5.4 Actions by service-providers, whether legal or illegal, may not be imputed in any way whatsoever to My Swiss Concierge.

5.5 Service-providers are not ancillaries of My Swiss Concierge and retain sole responsibility for their actions.


6.1 The customer agrees to pay the agreed price within the established time limit.

6.2 The customer agrees to provide My Swiss Concierge SARL with all the information necessary to ensure the correct implementation of the service, respecting the agreed schedule.

6.3 The customer agrees not to request services of any kind during the duration of the contract from company personnel or partner service-providers, except with the express agreement of My Swiss Concierge.


7.1 My Swiss Concierge and the customer undertake to keep all information collected for the provision of services strictly confidential. The privacy policy can be consulted on the website:


8.1 Any dispute relating to the interpretation and performance of these general terms and conditions are subject to Swiss law. If the dispute cannot be resolved out of court, the dispute will be brought before the appropriate courts.


9.1 The My Swiss Concierge company is incorporated under Swiss law. Swiss law is exclusively applicable in contractual relations.


10.1 All changes to these terms and conditions shall be made in writing, including this clause.

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